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We offer an extensive array of services including cesspool pumping, cesspool aeration, sewer services, vactor storm drains, cesspool chemical treatment, backhoe services, cesspool location, hydro jetting, grease trap cleaning and maintenance, and sewer lines electrically cleaned.  We specialize in cesspool installation, dry well installation and repair, storm drains, camera inspections, septic tank installation, and new sewer lines. In addition, Discount provides cesspool certifications, video inspections of sewer lines, cesspool and septic maintenance.

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Since its birth as a family-run business, Discount Cesspool has serviced the local, neighboring communities in both Hauppauge and Smithtown. After years of dedication and acquired credibility within the industry, Discount Cesspool eventually expanded its clientele base by providing to both Nassau and Suffolk Counties Cesspool repair and Septic Services.


We currently serve the entirety of Long Island. Our belief is that no job is ever too large or small, which is why we offer reasonable, competitive prices and do not sub-contract any work. Further, we provide a 24/7 emergency service for septic systems, which is both prompt and reliable.Discount Cesspool has built many positive, lasting relationships over the years, with both its customers and many business owners across Long Island. We look forward to servicing any residential or commercial, septic system or cesspool problem or even that you might have.

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